Student Admissions

Thank you for your interest in Heritage Academy.  Our staff earnestly pray for the Lord’s leading for each student that is led to apply.  Please review our Bulletin and look over our various ministries online to learn more about the school program and follow the steps below to apply.

Please Follow The Steps One-By-One To Apply

When you have completed the steps above, please call to ensure all of the forms have been received.  When they have been received, the Acceptance Committee will meet and prayerfully consider your young person’s application.  A letter will be sent from the Registrar’s office to inform you of the Acceptance Committee’s decision.

In order to secure a place on the student roster the entrance fee must be sent upon receipt of the acceptance letter.

You might find the following information helpful as you plan for the coming school year.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office (931-839-6675) for assistance throughout the application process.

We welcome your questions and input.