Literature Evangelism puts students in a position where they must answer for their faith.Opportunities for witnessing often drive students to deeper searches for the reasons for their beliefs. Students in this ministry, sow in the community seeds for eternity.We will never realize this impact on individual lives until we see the harvest of souls in eternity. Students visit homes and businesses between Nashville and Knoxville in an area of approximately 20,000 square miles.

[us_testimonial author=”Kenneth Rivera” company=””] I was canvassing on one of the breaks and I went to this barber shop and one man asked me about the sabbath and was excited to answer it because in Bible, we had been reviewing how to defend the sabbath so this was a opportunity to test the knowledge I acquired and thats what I did. By the end of it they were amazed at my answer and I was able to get several books out and get a free haircut God truly blessed. [/us_testimonial]