Disaster Response & Relief

This ministry challenges the physical, mental and spiritual faculties of all who partake in it. Students are prepared for disaster response through intense training, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), a FEMA program. Students are involved in training others in disaster response as well as conducting mock disaster drills. Students have the opportunity to serve with federal, state and local disaster response agencies such as FEMA and non-governmental organizations.

The opportunity to interface with the public in such a personal way, develops compassion, sympathy and stirs within the student’s heart a desire to serve.

“The only way to grow in grace is to do the work Christ has asked us to do. We need to help others as much as we can, for helping others is spiritual exercise. Exercising the body make a person strong.  If we want to keep our Christian life strong, we must work.  If we receive God’s blessings and do nothing, our Christian lives will not be healthy and strong. Receiving without giving is like trying to live by eating and not working. A person who does not use his arms and legs soon loss his power to move them. The Christian who will not use the powers that God gives him no longer grows in Christ. He even loses the power he already has.” – Steps to Christ, 79

Harvard University