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By submitting this application, I/we affirm that the information provided on this application is accurate, and I/we as the legal guardians of the applicant are in harmony with the mission, regulations and policies as stated in the current Heritage Academy Bulletin as well as the Heritage Academy Standards.  I/we entrust our child to Heritage Academy as testified by the act of having him/her enrolled in said school. I/we give Heritage Academy permission to act as  a “substitute parents” (locoparentis) while our child is in Heritage Academy’s care.  I understand that the vocational training program has no cash value.   I/we understand the policy for delinquent accounts as stated in the school bulletin.  I understand that a student may not be able to take semester exams and that no records or transcripts will be released until the account is paid in full. I understand that students are covered by school insurance for accidents only and is secondary to my insurance and that I/we or my/our insurance is responsible for any medical costs incurred while my child is a student at Heritage Academy.


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