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Transcripts and diplomas are issued only when accounts are paid in full. Diplomas are issued at graduation if accounts are current. Only one diploma is made and is given to the graduate when their account is satisfied. No copy is kept at the school. The first transcript is issued without charge. Additional transcripts will be released upon receipt of a $5 transcript fee. Transcript request form may be obtained from the Registrar’s office or completed below.

Academic Transcript Request Form

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Enter personal information below.

My name below certifies that I am the person mentioned above and I consent the release of my transcripts to the institution stated below.

  •  Transcript Fee - $5.00
  • Fax- $3.00  (Provide a valid Fax Number)
  • First Class Mail- $6.50
  • Express Mail- $23.95
  • FedEx- $21.95

   Pay the Transcript fee here before submitting your request

Below enter the information of the institution you want your transcripts sent to.

*Official transcripts can only be sent to other educational institutions.